90 Days to a more Courageous & Generous Life – Another random entry from my soon-to-be published journal


My soon-to-be-published 90-day quote and reflection journal includes quotes from a wide variety of people, from Winston Churchill to Gandhi to Jesus to Charles Dickens to Brene Brown. It’s designed to help you grow toward a more courageous and generous life. So I am calling it, “90 Days to a More Courageous and Generous Life.” (Creative, huh?)

Every day includes a quote for consideration and then an interactive reflection, which could be a specific journal topic, something to try out during the day, or something else.

Here’s a random day for you:

Day 25


No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another. ―  Charles Dickens


Compliment everyone you see today (or tomorrow if you are reading this at night). Then come back here and write down how you feel.


You are God’s gift to the world. Believe it. Own it. Live it!

About the Author

John Rallison

I am a follower of Jesus Christ, though I am continually growing in understanding what that means. I believe that God loves everyone all the time. The world was created for love and whenever we veer from love, we miss the mark of who we were created to be.

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