A Gift for You! FREE Advent devotions

A Gift for You — Advent Devotions (11)

Dear friends,

I have written a book of Advent devotions and I’d like to give it to you for free. It follows three major events in the Old Testament that prefigure the coming Christ:

  • Creation & Fall
  • The Exodus
  • The Babylonian Captivity

Each week begins with a summary of the event on which we will be concentrating during that week. Then follows seven days of readings and reflections based on the story for the week. These devotions are not the Precious Moments version of Advent devotions that leave you with a warm feeling but an unaffected life. They will challenge you to think and grow during this Advent season of preparations for Jesus’ birth.

Here are the ways you can get the devotions:

Trees and presents and lights are great. But they are not what Advent is about. Advent is a season to prepare for the celebration of the birth of the King of the Universe and Savior of all mankind. I’d say that’s worth a commitment to read and reflect every day!

Grace and peace,

PS – If you want to give me a gift, you can give me the gift of forwarding this to your friends. I strongly desire to help more and more people see themselves as God’s gift to the world.

About the Author

John Rallison

I am a follower of Jesus Christ, though I am continually growing in understanding what that means. I believe that God loves everyone all the time. The world was created for love and whenever we veer from love, we miss the mark of who we were created to be.

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